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Many new skincare lines are being launched by beauty gurus and popular social media personalities. Some of them find they’re dissatisfied with what they’re getting from the mainstream brands. Some decide to take their experience and knowledge of skincare, and turn them into a consumer friendly skincare brand.

This is the case with BY ECOM, a brand founded by namesake “Ecom” (instagram @ecom0920), a well-known South Korean beauty influencer. Even though she received and tried thousands of cosmetic products, she felt like none of them were perfect for her. So, with feedback from fans and skincare consumers, she launched BY ECOM. The idea was to make products she would want to use, and would appeal to others like her.

One thing that is a foundational pillar of Ecom’s brand, is its focus on honestly. She was determined to choose quality ingredients over cheap ingredients. There would be no unnecessary additives, and no huge markups to support massive advertising campaigns. The idea was to support and boost the skin’s own ability to maintain itself and recover from damage. For this reason, many of her products are pH balancing, as this helps the skin barrier to stay healthy.

If you’re a fan of simple, but functional packaging, you’ll appreciate how straight-forward BY ECOM’s labeling is. Bottles, tubes, and jars all come with minimal white labels, with the skincare line and product name clearly stated at the top. A few lines beneath describe the effects of the product, so you know exactly what the product is for. A cute heart and band-aid logo is the only image on the front of the label.

A lot of effort is made to keep the ingredients natural. Despite what the soft, pastel shades of the products may suggest, the majority of the products are their naturally occurring colours. If you have sensitivities to fragrances, you’ll be glad to know that many of the products are scent-free as well. 

BY ECOM Skincare Lines

There are four main lines in this brand. Here’s a quick overview on what they are:

Pure Calming

Products from this line are some of the most popular. Many of the products, like the Pure Calming First Water, are pH balancing. This line focusses on gentle hydration and soothing ingredients (like centella asiatica). If you have redness or sensitive skin, this is a great line to try.

Heartleaf Poreless

Heartleaf extract cleanses and smooths pores so they are less visible and less likely to cause breakouts. Some of the products in this line are formulated to tackle blackheads, and many of them are balancing as well. These work well if you have excess sebum or often get clogged pores.

Honey Glow

The products in this line use bee products like propolis, honey, and royal jelly to improve the tone and texture of skin, without any stickiness. Many of them contain collagen, to boost the elasticity of skin and restore its youthful appearance. If you’re looking for nourishing and anti-aging products, this is the line to use.

Spot Eraser

These products do exactly what their name suggests - they fade pigmentation and discolouration. Natural vitamin C comes in the form of kumquat extract, which is both nourishing and non-irritating. If you’re unsure how well your skin will tolerate vitamin C, or are new to vitamin C, this is a gentle, non-irritating way to try it.

Having such distinct lines that target specific issues makes it easy to choose something that works for you. This is also a great brand for those who suffer from redness and irritation - many of the products contain soothing ingredients and don’t contain common irritants, like alcohol.

BY ECOM has made products that are distinctive, and easy to use. Choosing a product based on your skin’s needs is made simple, and even those with the most sensitive skin can benefit from these gentle formulas.