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If you have aspirations to live simply and use only natural, but effective products, Huxley may be your minimalist skincare dream. Founder Mr. Hoon Lee named the brand after Brave New World author Aldous Huxley, and his philosophy, fittingly, is “less is more”. He wanted to distinguish his brand from a sea of skincare brands and products, focusing not on trendy ingredients, but on a specific one: prickly pear seed oil from the Sahara Desert.

Prickly pear oil was used in ancient times by the royal women of the Morocco. It kept their skin moist and supple in an incredibly harsh environment. Because the cactus from which the prickly pear comes needs to store huge amounts of water to sustain itself, ingredients derived from it are extremely hydrating and great at retaining moisture. The oil contains high levels of linoleic acid (a good fatty acid) and vitamin E, and is credited with preventing acne, protecting from free radicals, nourishing, encouraging cell regeneration, and restoring elasticity, as well as being lightweight and easily absorbed. Huxley’s cult brand status and the fact that it became a k-beauty sensation virtually overnight is evidence of how well it works.

The process to extract the seed oil is intense. The organic prickly pears are harvested from the Moroccan Sahara and the seeds are cold-pressed, to retain as many nutrients as possible. It takes a whopping 1 million seeds just to yield 1 liter of cactus oil!

If you love minimalist design, Huxley’s packaging is sure to please. Sleek glass bottles, boxes featuring multi-hued sand dunes, and simple white labels, convey a sense of quality, class, and are absolutely Instagram-worthy. Their products also have a signature scent - a carefully curated, distinct fresh and floral aroma.

Huxley is a brand that promotes ingredients that work, and you’ll see that their products are full of plant extracts (flowers, fruit, herbs) that are high in antioxidants and vitamins. They also don’t contain irritating parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial dyes, or mineral oils. Unlike a lot of other skincare giants, Huxley boasts a relatively small lineup of products. However, virtually all the products have achieved cult status.

Want to try some of Huxley’s most beloved products? Here are our suggestions:

     1. Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Gel

Use this gentle foaming cleanser as the second part of your daily double-cleanse. Prickly pear seed oil nourishes the skin so it doesn’t feel tight or stripped. A host of citrus fruit extracts infuse the skin with antioxidants and vitamins, improving skin tone, and giving you a glowing clean complexion.

      2. Keep Calm Healing Mask

This is the perfect mask to use if your skin is feeling dry, irritated, or just plain tired. Inflamed skin is cooled thanks to its jelly-like texture. In addition to hydrating and replenishing prickly pear seed oil, it also contains soothing aloe, and sodium hyaluronate to retain moisture. Botanical extracts from flowers and fruit fight free radicals and boast high levels of vitamins.

      3. Extract It Toner

This is a great balancing toner with an ideal, slightly acidic pH that restores the health of your skin’s moisture barrier. A balanced barrier prevents both dryness, and the overproduction of sebum that can result in breakouts. The flower extracts in this toner are high in antioxidants that fight environmental stressors and leave skin feeling incredibly soft.

     4. Anti-Gravity Cream

This is the cream of all creams if you need intense moisture. Besides being composed of 51% prickly pear seed oil, it also contains squalene, shea butter, and sodium hyaluronate - all star ingredients in moisturizing and retaining moisture. Your skin will feel plump and soft all day long, without heaviness.

     5. Oil and Extract Secret of Sahara Mask

Huxley’s sheet masks are made of tightly woven, super soft microfiber that helps the skin absorb the formula and reduces evaporation. You need to mix the oil pouch into the essence-soaked mask, but the smart packaging makes this remarkably easy. The oil is a blend of their signature prickly pear seed oil, sunflower, and soybean oils - sure to moisturize even the driest skin. The essence is a combination of cactus extract and coptis japonica, a popular ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.