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Veggie Water Tonning Mist from Innisfree is a unique three-in-one skin care product for moist and supple skin.

Five powerful Jeju vegetables(Carrot, Brussels Sprout, Wheat Sprout, Kohlrabi and Asparagus), are combined to provide long-lasting hydration and protect skin barrier for plump, smooth skin that glows.

Use it as a toner after cleansing, layer the mist several times to feel the essence benefits, or simply spritz the Mist to recharge and moisture your skin though out the day. Formulated with pure vegan-certified ingredients, Veggie Water Tonning Mist is safe for sensitive skin.

120 ml


Use as a toner mist OR to refresh skin throughout the day.  


KEY INGREDIENTS: Adenosine, Rhodiola extract, Salvia oil, Citric acid, Cacao extract, Carrot extract, Brussels sprout extract, Asparagus extract, Wheat sprout extract, Dextrin, Linalool, Limonene, Kohlrabi extract