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How to Set Skin Goals and Achieve Them

Why Do I Need Skin Goals?

Will this cleanser make my skin super dry? Which of these will get rid of blackheads?

I don’t even know why I bought this. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. The sheer number of skincare products, labels and promises can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you’re vague on what you’re looking for.

Want to make things simpler? Give your whole skincare routine direction and focus by setting skin goals. With those in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down your search, saving time, energy and money by getting only what you need.

How Do I Start Setting Skin Goals?

As you get more specific with each step, your possible skincare choices will get more specific as well, and that’s a good thing!

Know your skin type. Start with the basics. Is your skin dry, normal, oily, or a combination of types? Take an online quiz if you aren’t sure. Many skincare products are categorized by skin type so you can tell right away if they aren’t for you.

List skin concerns by priority and choose a goal. Put the most pressing concerns at the top of your list — they’ll make the most impact when you address them. Choosing a specific goal allows you to deal with one thing at a time, making the whole process much less overwhelming.

See what ingredients or techniques are important to achieving your skin goal. You’ll get much more focused results if you look up ingredients for one skin goal. You’ll also find products that work together towards the same thing so you get more efficient, faster results.

See what skincare steps you really need. If you have oily or acne-prone skin you may need to exfoliate every other day, while people with drier skin may find they only need to exfoliate once a week. Reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on your routine by sticking with what’s necessary. Save the extras for days when you want a little more TLC.


How Can I Track My Progress?

Make a skincare diary in whatever form you want so you can look back on how your skin has changed. That can mean taking selfies regularly, taking notes in a notebook, or even creating a video journal to share your progress. You decide on the time frames (every day, every other day, after the first month etc), but we suggest tracking your results for up to 3 months — some skin goals (like fading pigmentation) take longer than others.

How NIASHA Can Help You Achieve Your Skin Goals

Stop looking at every single product, and look through our carefully curated collection instead. We’ve vetted our products for quality and reliability so you can save your time and energy. Use the product filters on our website to see what works for your skin type or skin concern so you get exactly what you need. The search function can help you find products that contain your favorite ingredients. For more goal-oriented tips, explore our blog and find out how to treat common skin concerns.