Our Values

Our Values

At NIASHA, we believe in a conscious approach to skincare. Figuring out your skin concerns, understanding the products you need, and using effective skincare is essential to achieving your skincare goals. We're here to guide you while providing you with a vast choice of the best Korean skincare.

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Why Korean Beauty?

Our Founder Anna discovered Korean skincare in 2015 after her mother returned from a trip to Seoul. After trying a few sheet masks (a never-seen-before product back in the day), Anna was so impressed she decided that everyone should have access to these revolutionary products. That's how NIASHA opened its' online doors in 2016. Soon it was clear that sheet masks were not the only products Korea could offer. The never-ending innovation, gentleness of formulas, affordable prices, new star skincare ingredients, variety of textures, and unique approach to the skincare ritual made Korea the trendsetter in modern skincare. Today, we are proud to work with the hottest KBeauty brands and provide our customers with a vast choice of the best skincare to tackle their skin needs.

Environmental Efforts

We invest a lot of effort to make our packaging as sustainable as possible! Our carton delivery boxes are 100% recyclable. We avoid styrofoam and only use biodegradable fillings that are made out of corn. They are environmentally safe to use and can be dissolved in water. Our scotch tape is made out of paper. Our logo sticker is printed with Soy ink. We reuse bubble wrap which we receive from brand deliveries to protect fragile products made of glass. If you receive a product wrapped in bubble wrap, please know, that it was reused by us and can even be utilized again by you.

Kbeauty School

Our goal is to help you comprehensively establish your daily skincare routine, so we created our KBeauty School section. Start with an overview of all the steps you should take to develop a routine in our "Start Here" guide. The Skin Quiz will help you understand your skin type and concerns, and our Routine Builder will allow you to compose your personalized beauty ritual if you feel a bit lost in choosing products. Get answers to all your potential questions in our Skincare Q&A and of course, keep an eye on our Blog, where we regularly publish the most exciting topics on all things skincare.