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Your Shelfie according to the stars :) We're covering each Zodiac to help you thrive and live your best selfie life!


You’re looking for results, and you’d like them as soon as possible. Efficiency is important to you, and you aren’t afraid to try something new. But don’t jump the gun - there are a lot of brands and products out there. Take a little time and do some research to find what works best for you. There are a lot of great products that multi-task, so you don’t need to clutter your shelves with all the newest things.  

For 2021, edit what you have before buying more. You likely already have some gems! After, fill in the rest of your lineup with a few well-thought out products. A good cleanser, toner, serum, and cream go a long way. Using multi-tasking products will cut down on your routine time, and will keep your skincare lineup trim and efficient.  


Self-care is a priority for you. Whether it’s a product made by a really good brand or a nice meal, you love to have the best. Nothing fussy though -  a peaceful, low key environment is exactly what you need. Don’t worry about a big, complicated skincare routine. You can get some great results with some really luxurious products that are still easy to use.

Make the most of your chill time by stocking up on some great, healing sheet masks. Getting some calming, soothing products (that smell great) can give you that lovely spa vibe for the ultimate relaxing experience - at home!


You aren’t one to blindly follow the latest fads. Even though you love to know what’s trendy, you also do your research. Checking reviews, beauty blogs, and articles to see what the experts are saying is part of the fun. Your creative spirit means you like to switch up products and brands, but don’t get ahead of yourself. There are some advantages to having a routine and following through with some good quality products.

You spent a lot of time thinking through your products, so give them a chance to work! Your skin will appreciate time to adjust to a routine, and you’ll get a better idea about what’s actually working for you. Keep a good basic lineup on your shelf, and make sure you give the products you’ve got a good try before getting something new.


Choosing ethical brands to support is worth your time. You believe in companies that value vegan, cruelty-free products, and are environmentally responsible. You also love some good pampering - a fun home spa night is right up your alley. Ducky packaging? Panda-shaped jar? Yes, please! You can’t resist some cute packaging, especially if there’s a really great product inside. 

The good news is that a lot of K-beauty brands are very concerned about the environment and are cruelty-free. Many also focus on natural ingredients, so don’t be afraid to try a brand you’ve never tried before. Curate a lovely smelling, botanical-packed lineup for great results without compromise.


You love a fun trend, but not just any will do. You want the most dramatic, most luxurious, most exclusive products out there. Top-of-the-line ingredients are important, and you’ll take the time to try out the latest skincare techniques if they promise great results. Your routine is a whole experience, and you like it that way. 

Not all great products come with hefty price tags and huge marketing campaigns. Give some effective, but underrated products a go. You might be surprised by the gorgeous packaging and high quality formulas, at affordable prices.


No impulse buying for you! Your skincare lineup (like many aspects of your life) are well-planned, coordinating, and purposeful. You’ve looked into your products, and researched skincare techniques. Every step in your routine is important, and you seldom deviate from what you know works. In short, you’re a perfectionist.

We love that you think about every product you buy, but don’t stress yourself out by overthinking it! A little research is good, but there are a lot of excellent products, so have fun with your routine. To make your life easier, some brands have ready-made routines with coordinating products, so throw something new into your routine once in a while!


It’s hard to resist all the new K-beauty products, so it’s no surprise that your bathroom shelves are overflowing! You just can’t say no to the latest and greatest things, especially if they come in a beautiful glass jar or sport a gorgeous design. While you have a lot to choose from, it can be hard to decide what exactly to use every day.

You can get products that are both efficient and beautiful. If you really love having multiples of every product, try coordinating them into practical routines so you don’t spend all evening trying to decide what to use. And don’t forget to do a check on what you’ve got every so often. Toss anything that’s expired, and take note if something is running low.


When you love something, you really love it. You’re passionate about it. But you aren’t easy to convince. Skepticism is in your blood, and you’re not about to jump onto just any bandwagon. For you to pledge your loyalty to a brand or product, it has to prove it’s worth. No cute animal shaped bottles for you - skincare is serious business. Your shelf only has tried-and-true items, the ones you’re sure will never let you down.

But be aware, sometimes it takes a little while to warm-up to certain products. Don’t narrow down your lineup so much that you miss other great items, especially from newer, up-and-coming brands. Trying some samples means you get a feel for the product and aren’t buying it blind.


Adventure junkie? Being adventurous with what you buy and use is exciting. You love a new brand, new packaging, something you’ve never tried before. The great part is that you know what you’re getting. Because besides craving excitement, you also plan and research. You know your skin type, skin issues, and ingredients.

One way to try new things without breaking the bank? Find some great sets of travel sized items and take them for a spin before committing to the full-sized bottle. Not only can you take them with you on your next adventure, but it’ll satisfy your desire for something new.


No slackers here. You’re a hard worker, and you want your products to be hard working too. You don’t mind paying for good quality, but only if what you’re getting is really going to make a difference. You’ve got goals (even skincare goals!), and you’re looking to achieve them. Ideally, your products are quick to apply, and do more than one thing.

Don’t forget to take some time off from your busy routine to indulge in a little self-care. Time is precious, but you don’t need to take a ton of time to pamper yourself. A quick, refreshing skincare routine can help you jump start your day, while a soothing, calming routine can set the tone for bedtime.


Your friends would describe you as “quirky”, and “unique”. Let’s just say you don’t follow the crowd. In fact, you like to dig around a little, to find different and special items that aren’t necessarily well-known. Small, under-the-radar brands are your thing, and you don’t need magazines and influencers to tell you what to get.

Not every brand is a massive beauty empire. Some have relatively small skincare lines, and are very focussed on certain ingredients or philosophies. K-beauty is a fast-moving, fast-evolving world, and there are always new, small brands waiting to be discovered. But don’t write off popular products without giving them a try. You’re unique - using something that lots of other people use won’t change that, especially if it really works!


In your group of friends you’re the peacekeeper, the easy-going friend with a tendency to daydream. When you look for a skincare product, you go with your gut. Whether you’re drawn to a specific ingredient, a brand’s ethics, or a really dreamy scent, your philosophy is to “go with the flow”. You don’t stick to a routine, but do use what ever feels right in the moment.

K-beauty brands are often good about using natural ingredients. It isn’t hard to find products that are honey-based, use green tea extract, or feature certain botanical seed oils. What ever you’re feeling, there’s very likely a product featuring that ingredient, so you’re spoiled for choice.