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1 DAY 1 MASK - Make Every Day a Good Skin Day

The “1 Day 1 Mask” challenge is a Korean beauty classic that can help give you that glass-like skin we all crave. Popularized by Asian celebrities such as leading Chinese lady Fan Bing Bing, who reputedly uses TWO sheet masks daily, the “1 Day 1 Mask” movement aims to deeply replenish your skin using one sheet mask every day.

Using a sheet mask daily encourages your skin to maintain a constant high level of hydration, which plumps up your complexion for a translucent, lit-from-within glow. And while few of us may be dedicated to “1 Day 1 Mask” for a whole year, this K-beauty trend is a great tool to replenish extra dehydrated or damaged skin or prepare skin for a special event where you want to look your best.

Because using a sheet mask every day can quickly add up, most people tend to use less expensive masks designed to be used daily. But you can also add premium masks to the mix for a special treat every few days.

If you’re unsure how to set up your 7 days sheet mask bundle, check out our ready-made “1 Day 1 Mask” sets here.

The best tips to make the most of your “1 Day 1 Mask” ritual:

  1. Use several specialized treatment masks in a row (such as brightening masks) to supercharge your results.
  2. Apply hydrating toners, essences, and serums UNDER the sheet mask. The mask will help them to absorb better, making them more effective.
  3. Leave the mask on for the time indicated on the packaging, no longer. Once the mask starts to dry out, it can begin sucking moisture OUT of your skin.
  4. You can absolutely sheet mask in the morning to give yourself a flawless base for makeup and a plump, glowing complexion throughout the day. Even a 10-minute masking session will provide you with noticeably more hydrated skin.
  5. After removing the sheet mask, gently press or pat the remaining essence into your skin.
  6. Seal the moisture after sheet masking with cream or facial oil. You don’t want to lose all that hydration!

“1 Day 1 Mask” is a fun challenge that might give your skin the hydration it craves while imparting more intensive skin benefits. You might find that after a week or two of “1 Day 1 Mask”, you find a sweet spot of masking once every other day. Or, your skin might love this method so much that you continue doing it for the rest of the year!

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