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Travel Skincare

For a lot of people, traveling is one of the great joys in life. Being able to see new places and experience new things is wonderful. The long-haul airplane ride to get there? Not so much.

Traveling often involves periods in which you might not have access to your regular skincare routine. Jet-lag, a different diet/climate, and travel stress can all have an affect on your skin. Let’s take a look at what you need in your travel bag, and some tips and tricks to taking care of your skin when you’re away from home.

The Must-haves

Travelling usually results in a little pruning back of our skincare and beauty products. However, your toiletry bag should contain a minimum of a cleanser, moisturizer, and a sunscreen. Here’s what to look for in each:

  • Cleanser

A hot climate, humidity, and pollution can all cause clogged pores, and require a really thorough cleanse. On the other hand, going into a climate that is cooler, drier, or at a higher altitude, may require a milder, gentler cleanser.

It’s a good thing that cleansers are often multi-tasking products. It’s not difficult to find a cleanser that exfoliates to a certain degree. Acids can help keep pores clean and skin clear. A low-pH cleanser can balance skin and keep its barrier healthy.

Cleansers can often also be found in different forms. Liquid cleansers can be decanted into smaller bottles, or purchased in travel-sized portions. Balm cleansers are easy, non-messy choices, and powder cleansers are light and completely dry.

Whether you need to double cleanse or not depends a lot on how long you’ll be away, and what else you might be wearing on your face. The longer you’re traveling, the more likely you’ll need to double cleanse at least a few times. You’ll also need an oil cleanser if you’re planning on wearing a full face of makeup every day.

  • Moisturizer

Like cleansers, most moisturizers have additional benefits. Aloe and green tea are light and cooling, perfect for a sun-drenched holiday. A cream with centella or snail mucin can keep skin calm if you’re prone to irritation. A thicker cream with jojoba oil, shea butter, and loads of hyaluronic acid protects your skin if it’s likely to be dry. Choose a texture that works for you, from a light gel, to a thick cream.

  • Sunscreen

Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach or going on a ski trip, sunscreen is a must. UV rays are present regardless of where you are in the world, so choose a sunscreen that you’re comfortable with, and bring enough of it to last your whole trip. You don’t want to end up purchasing a product you don’t like or isn’t comfortable.

The Nice-to-Have Products

These products might not be 100% necessary, but they can help you to maintain your skin condition, or help you treat anything that might pop up during your trip.

  • Exfoliators

If your skin is really oily and prone to breakouts, you may want to bring an exfoliator. These are often available in small bottles, or you can decant them. Acids are also present in a lot of multi-tasking products, so consider those as well.

  • Toner/Essences

One of the easiest things to do with a toner or essence is to decant it into a small spray bottle. Not only will it be easy to carry, but you won’t need your hands (or a sink) to apply it on-the-go.

  • Treatment

Because products that treat specific skin issues often contain a higher concentration of actives, be careful in how you store them. Exposing them to light and heat may cause them to stop working properly. Pimple patches are a great travel item because they’re easy to carry and don’t take a lot of space.

  • Sheet masks

Some people swear by sheet masks while they’re travelling. If you know you suffer from breakouts, irritation, or super dry skin when you travel, it may be worth it to bring a sheet mask or two. They’re surprisingly easy to carry, being flat, light, and in a sealed package.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Before you even get to your destination, there’s always the somewhat grueling process of getting there. Some modes of transportation (read: planes) are especially difficult on your skin, so here are some tips for getting to your destination in tip-top shape.

  • Altitude causes all sorts of havoc with your skin. Dry air and fluid retention can cause an uncomfortable combination of parched and puffy skin. Being at cruising height also drastically increases the strength of UV rays, so wear sunscreen.
  • Don’t touch your face unless you’ve washed your hands. A lot of experts recommend not applying any skincare while you’re actually on a plane, because you could easily transfer germs and bacteria to your face.
  • Start your trip bare-faced. Skincare aside, having a clean face without any makeup can help keep your skin in better condition as you travel.
  • Prep your skin beforehand. Load on the moisturizer. Products with hyaluronic acid and squalane are good at holding moisture in.
  • Drink water, even before you begin your trip. People often forget to drink when they’re navigating stations/airports, so make sure you don’t get dehydrated by drinking both before and during your travels.
  • Clean your face when you get to your destination. Whenever you have access to a place to wash your hands and face, take a moment to cleanse off any dirt, sweat, or bacteria.
  • Don’t forget the rest of your body. Shower before you go, apply a moisturizer, and bring hand cream and lip balm with you.

Having the right skincare when you travel is an important part of adjusting to your destination. A bag of tried-and-true products means you can feel confident in the health and appearance of your skin while enjoying your trip. Happy travels!

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