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Whiteheads and blackheads are, along with pimples, among the top skin concerns we hear about from our customers. We all dream of having clear, poreless skin, and effectively treating whiteheads and blackheads is one of the first steps to achieving that smooth skin.

Whiteheads vs Blackheads - What’s the Difference?

Both whiteheads and blackheads are the result of clogged pores -- a combination of dead skin, sebum, and bacteria, that prevents the sebum in the pore from smoothly flowing to the surface of the skin like it’s supposed to. With whiteheads, the pore stays closed, and the clogged pore looks like a white bump under the skin. With blackheads, the pore is open, exposing the contents of the plug to the air. This exposure oxidizes the material in the pore, creating a dark colored spot on the skin.

How Can I Get Rid of Them?

No one wants either whiteheads or blackheads. But it’s important to control your urge to pick at them or squeeze them, which can cause scarring and can stretch out the pore permanently. Instead, try the following blackhead and whitehead treatments: 

  1. Use a Gentle Exfoliator

Using a gentle face scrub or an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliator can help to remove excess dead skin at the surface of the skin. This can prevent pore clogging, and may eventually help clogs come to the surface where they can be cleansed. The Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid is one of our favorites.

  1. Use an Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansing is the best way to remove excess sebum without drying out your skin. Massaging the oil cleanser over areas that are prone to clogs can remove debris from your pores and prevent both blackheads and whiteheads from forming. The Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick is a great choice, as it calms irritated skin while cleansing away all your makeup. 

  1. Use a BHA or Salicylic Acid Treatment 

BHAs such as betaine salicylate or salicylic acid can penetrate into the interior of pores and exfoliate from within. Using a BHA regularly can prevent pore clogging as well as clear out clogged pores, especially blackheads. BHA is also anti-inflammatory, which can help prevent clogged pores from becoming full-blown acne. The Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is perfect for this. 

  1. Use Clay Masks and Pore Treatments

Clay and charcoal masks do a great job of absorbing excess sebum and drawing impurities out of your skin. A regular clay or charcoal mask applied to clog-prone areas can help to fight whiteheads and blackheads, and can also calm inflammation. We suggest trying the Innisfree Volcanic Pore Clay Mask !

Pore treatments and pore strips, as well as peeling masks, can help as well, but be sure to choose gentle treatments to prevent damage to your skin. 

  1. Keep Skin Clean

Change your pillowcase regularly, and keep your phone clean to avoid transferring bacteria to your skin. Avoid touching your skin with your hands during the day. Prevent pore clogging by removing your makeup properly and never going to bed with an unwashed face. 

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  1. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Your skin is your largest organ, and often can reflect your overall health. If you’re indulging in a lot of sugary or fried foods, skin can become more inflamed and susceptible to pore clogging. To reduce the likelihood of getting whiteheads and blackheads, be sure to eat well, get enough sleep, and flush out your system with plenty of water.

If you really have stubborn blackheads or whiteheads that refuse to budge, don’t take matters into your own hands! Instead, go find a professional skincare expert, like an aesthetician or dermatologist. They can provide safe extractions that minimize the risk of scarring. Treatments such as microdermabrasion or hydro-facials can help to reduce whiteheads and blackheads, but need to be done under the treatment of a professional.