How to Start


Here is an easy 10-step guide on how to start your skincare routine! We created this overview so you feel comfortable establishing your first mindful skincare ritual and be sure you are not missing anything. Enjoy yourself; skincare is a process.

1 Know your skin

The first and most crucial step is knowing your skin type and concerns. Without these, you are navigating without a compass in a sea of skincare. Use our Skin Quiz to discover these! If you need an in-depth understanding of your skin issues, seek advice from a dermatologist.

Know your skin
2 Inventory

Now it is time to do some bathroom cleaning :) Don't be lazy - you'll be happy you did this! Go through all your skincare products - throw away what has expired or you haven't been using for over six months, and leave your favorite products that work great on your skin.

3 Skincare Order

All right, now let's see what the 10-step routine is about and understand the order of skincare application. See what steps you need/want to include in your new routine and what products you already have (if you have anything left in your bathroom after the previous exercise)

Skincare Order
4 Number of Steps

Now you know the steps you want to have in your routine and the product types you are currently missing. How many steps is this? Are you ready to commit to this kind of routine daily? Maybe you went overboard with the number of steps? Reply sincerely - it's between you and yourself :)

Number of Steps
5 Establish Priorities

Ok, final decision-making. What products do you need? The answer depends on what skin issues you want to solve. Go back to your skin type and concerns - if you have more than one concern, choose the most urgent one and focus on it first. Remember, skincare products usually have multiple benefits, so even if you tackle only one concern at a time, you might have other positive effects.

Establish Priorities
6 Shopping

Now let's have some fun! Filter the products that match your skin needs, look at the reviews, and select what excites you. Remember, you'll use these products daily for quite a while, so they should also inspirit you. If the choice still overwhelms you, our Routine Builder will help you out!

7 Start Your Routine

Yay! The products are here, and you have everything you need to get started! Unpack the products, patch test on your hand, and start using them at your earliest convenience. If you have over five steps to follow, begin incorporating the products slowly, with at least a 24-hour gap, so that if you have any undesired effect, you can quickly establish from which product it comes.

Start Your Routine
8 Keep it Up!

Commit to your daily ritual and clean your bathroom weekly to keep the space inviting. Watch and feel how the new routine impacts your skin. It takes about a month to see the first real results, as our skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days.

Keep it Up!
9 Educate Yourself

Bit by bit, learn more about your skin concerns and the various solutions out there! We are here to guide you, too! You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly tips for your skin condition, read our blog, or check out our quick Skincare Q&A guide, where we gather the most popular skincare questions.

Educate Yourself
10 Evolve with your skin

Throughout your life, your skin will constantly change, but you can continuously adapt to it and manage it if you two become friends. Your skin is your biggest organ, and it always tries to tell you something; you need to pause, tune, and listen to it.

Evolve with your skin