Artless Rubycell Puff ( 5ea)

CHF 11.00
How to apply sunscreen when you are already wearing makeup?

This little powder puff will simplify your life! 2 in 1 it can be used for your sun care or for makeup.:)
  • Readjusting your sunscreen during the day has never been easier! Just pat this little amount of sunscreen on your face. So the makeup does not move and you are well protected!
  • For make-up, these pads are used to apply your liquid foundations, or even your BB creams  in a hygienic and uniform way.
  • Their teardrop shape allows precise application on the face.
  • Reusable, they can be washed in soapy water or in the machine in a laundry net!
5 pads




how to use

Pat the face with your sunscreen, bb cream or foundation - Hand or machine wash


Pouch with 5 pads