GlossyBlossom Nail Stickers

CHF 3.30 CHF 7.50

Gel Shine Strips from GlossyBlossom allow you to be your own nail artist!

Each set of 20 double-ended nail strips gives you a fresh salon-quality manicure in 4 simple steps. The unique styles and colors are designed by professional artists and manufactured with a silk screen printing method. This ensures an in-style durability with a gel-like wear while providing a glossy shine that lasts the length of the wear. GlossyBlossom has a formula and application that is certified as safe to use. Effortlessly express your beauty and style with these beautiful nail stickers! 

  • Gel-type shine - the high shine gloss that looks like glass is long-lasting and does not require a top coat 
  • Simple Application - Apply the nail stickers in a easy, hassle-free 4 step process that will give your nails a professional finish 
  • Smooth Finish - these stickers adhere to your nails well with correct application and will not snag or catch on clothing or hair making them non-irritating to wear

* Also available for kids




how to use

Remove all grease with nail acetone (You can apply base coat before applying strips) Choose 10% smaller size of  gel strip than your nail size. Firmly apply the nail strips from the cuticle line to the nail edge and press down enough. File off the excess part of gel strip using only a downward motion at the edge of the fingernail until the strip matches perfectly the shape of your nails.  How to remove: Peel off slowly from the cuticle line. Use warm water when peeling and the strip will go off more smoothly.