GlossyBlossom Nail Stickers for Kids

CHF 3.00 CHF 6.30

Kids Nail Art from GlossyBlossom is a line of super cute designs that kids will love!

Each of the gel strips included are mini sizes that have been designed specifically for petite nails. Certified to be safe and non-toxic, these gel nail stickers are a worry-free product. 

  • Certified Safe - a quality product that free of toxic or harsh chemicals that would harm the kids health.
  • Easy Wear - these gel nails are durable, comfortable, non-irritating, and will not cause pain to the cuticle area.
  • Prevents Nail Biting Habits- with such pretty and cute nails kids will refrain from biting their nails to preserve the gel stickers, correcting any bad nail biting habits.

The easy application process makes kids manicures a breeze and the durability will bring long-lasting fun!




how to use

1) Using nail lacquer remover, clean and prep kid's nail by removing any oils and water before application. 2) Cut in half and select a strip that is 10% smaller than the actual nail size. 3) Apply it onto the nail thoroughly and file to one direction. Filing both directions may cause imperfection. How to remove: ​Peel off slowly from the cuticle line. Use warm water when peeling and the strip will go off more smoothly.