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5 Essential Tips for Autumn Skincare

Cooler nights and mornings, changing leaves and pumpkin spice - we’re welcoming in the fall! While you’re getting ready to transition your wardrobe (hello, sweater weather), it’s an excellent time to consider how to transition your skincare ritual.

It’s tempting to continue with the skincare you used during the summer, but your skin isn’t the same as we move into cooler months. Humidity and indoor heating changes can make it dry, and you might experience more sensitivity or have eczema flare-ups. Some people find they have breakouts as their skin produces more oil to counteract the dry weather. 

Whatever your skin goal, here are 5 ways to transition your skincare routine into autumn.

Exfoliate but gently

Our skin needs exfoliation to stay bright, smooth, and blemish-free. Remember that during autumn, your skin is getting used to different environmental conditions, so be gentle

If you have breakout issues, continue using salicylic acid to keep your pores clear. If your skin is more sensitive, switch to acids that are less likely to cause inflammation, like mandelic acid or PHAs. Opt for exfoliators with AHAs or a retinol serum to slow down skin aging. 

Don’t forget to watch for signs of over-exfoliation as you figure out your new routine. These include flaking, redness, itchiness, stinging, and sudden breakouts.

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Increase moisture

Your water-based gel moisturizer may have been perfect for the summer, but it might not cut it for autumn. If your skin only gets slightly drier, a few extra layers of a hydrating product may be enough. For example, you can reapply your essence several times before moisturizing.

If that isn’t enough, add an extra product on top of your regular moisturizer. For example, facial oils and sleeping masks are both moisturizing and designed to “seal” your skin, so they’re a great choice for the season. 

Lastly, you can opt for an oil-based moisturizer with a richer texture. These are great for dryer skin types and appropriate for dry, cold weather.

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Target hyperpigmentation

The shorter, darker days during the autumn provide better conditions to fade sun spots and repair UV damage. Retinol and AHAs help your skin shed its upper, more pigmented layers, reducing the visibility of sunspots.

Now is also a great time to use your vitamin C serum more frequently. It not only helps to fade hyperpigmentation but will fight free radicals that cause both pigmentation and signs of aging. 

You may also want to consider chemical peels at this time (either with an at-home product or at your dermatologist’s office) since they may cause photosensitivity.

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Don’t stop wearing SPF

It doesn’t take a hot, sunny day for your skin to experience sun damage. UV rays can go through windows and clouds and reflect off surfaces. It’s still essential to wear sunscreen daily, even if you’re going to stay indoors.

Sun damage begins immediately with exposure, so even a short commute to work adds up over time. We suggest a product that provides both UVA and UVB protection, meaning a sunscreen with an adequate SPF and PA rating.

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Increase calming ingredients

Dry, windy weather outside and dry, heated air indoors can cause redness, itchiness, and eczema flare-ups. Keeping your skin barrier balanced helps it to repel irritants and retain moisture. 

One way to do this is to improve the health of your skin microbiome with probiotics and fermented ingredients. These help your skin’s resilience so it can withstand harsher conditions. 

You can also reduce the impact of the environment on your skin by using a humidifier indoors to increase the moisture in the air. At the first sign of inflammation, include ingredients that promote healing, like chamomile, Centella, propolis, or snail mucin.

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As you get ready to welcome in the autumn, don’t forget to refresh your skincare as well. Take it as a fun experience where you get to revisit your favorite products or try new ones. The more you can personalize your routine, the closer you’ll be to meeting your skincare goals!