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How to Start a Skincare Routine

Many of us have assembled our skincare knowledge from a mix of advertisements, advice from friends, and online searches. But it can be hard to put that information together into something that works in practice. 

We’ve put together a guide to help you create a routine that’s personalized and easy to maintain. A lineup that is both focused and flexible means you can spend less time searching, but still get the results you’re looking for.

Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is one of the easiest ways to quickly narrow down what products are more likely to work for you. Skincare brands almost always list a target skin type in their product descriptions, and may even be specifically geared to a type. 

There are a lot of great quizzes online to help you determine your skin type, but you can also work it out based on your skin’s tendencies. 

  • Dry skin. Your skin often feels tight and itchy, and can look dull. In more severe cases, it can flake or even crack.
  • Normal skin. You may have days where your skin fluctuates from dry to oily, but for the most part it stays balanced and isn’t prone to extremes.
  • Combination skin. Parts of your skin are shiny and feel greasy (typically the forehead and nose area), while other areas get dry and flakey.
  • Oily skin. Most of your skin gets shiny quickly. You may struggle with clogged pores from excess oil production. 

  • Skin types are very general categories, so don’t worry if you don’t fall totally into one group or another. In the sea of skincare products available, they’re useful in getting a broad idea of what suits your skin. Use the filters in Niasha’s skincare section to find products for your skin type and make browsing easier.

    Too. Many. Products. What Do I Use?

    Setting some skin goals simplifies your search by giving your whole routine direction.

    Whether you want to fade pigmentation or treat blackheads, give yourself a decent amount of time to focus on your goal (at least a couple of months). Your products work cohesively to achieve the same goals, and it’s easier to keep track of your progress. 

    When you have a clear idea of what you want to do, you’ll end up saving time, energy and money. Get a curated list of products by using the skin concern filter on Niasha’s site, or learn how to treat some of the most common skin concerns. 

    There’s No Magic Number

    The number of skincare steps in your routine isn’t as important as using what works for your skin. For most people, the basics involve cleansing, a treatment for specific skin concerns, moisturizer and sunscreen during the day. Other steps, like exfoliation, are best used a few times a week. 

    Being clear with what you want each product to achieve is a great way to keep your routine short and simple. If you can’t figure out why a step is there, there’s a good chance it isn’t as effective as it could be. 

    Missing something from your skincare lineup? Search by product type using the filters on Niasha’s site. 

    Evolve With Your Skin

    Inevitably, you’ll experience skin changes that are both long and short term. Don’t be surprised if the products and routine that worked well before need a few tweaks here and there. 

  • Seasonal changes. It’s a good idea to adjust your routine seasonally, whether you’ve going into warmer or cooler months. Exfoliators and moisturizers are products that are commonly swapped at the turn of the seasons. 
  • Aging. In the long term, skin tends to get drier and thinner as you age, changing the look and feel of your skin. Incorporating anti-aging ingredients and added hydrators are good ways to update your routine as needed.

  • Create a Ritual You Love

    The best laid plans are the ones that you enjoy and maintain. Here are some tips to turn an everyday routine into a good experience:

  • Use products you enjoy. Something with a texture or scent that you love can make your morning and evening routine an anticipated part of your day.
  • Enjoy the feeling of progress. Nothing feels as good as reaching your goals. When you’re able to see the results of a focused routine, you’re more likely to keep it up.
  • Keep it flexible. Your routine needs to fit into your life. Identify the basics so you know what you need to do when you’re short on time and don’t sweat the extras. Save those for when you’re able to enjoy them. 

  • Your skincare routine shouldn’t feel like work, but it should work for you. Find more advice on choosing products, tackling skin concerns and other skincare basics on our blog.