Jumiso AC Cure Cover Patch Blemish Care

CHF 5.00

Do you want to shield your breakouts from external stressors, while healing them and avoiding further inflammation? Try the V-Label approved AC Cure Cover Blemish Care Patches by JUMISO! These spot patches come with a thick center that absorbs bacteria, excess oil, and dirt forming inside the pimples. Hydrocolloid technology encourages faster cell renewal and creates an optimal healing environment for acne-prone skin. The thin edge of the patches makes them unnoticeable and incredibly discreet on the skin.

The set contains 2 useful sizes with 12mm (12ea) and 10mm (18ea) diameter on each sheet. For best results, it is recommended to replace the patches after approximately 4 to 8 hours. It is possible to apply skincare products over the spot patches.

  • Polyisobutylene functions as a skin-conditioning agent-emollient and nonaqueous viscosity-increasing agent.
  • Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium can be absorbed by the skin to prevent dry skin. It forms a soft and elastic film to protect the skin.
  • Rosin is a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps with redness, alleviates minor conditions, and helps soothe dry or cracked skin.

30 patches [18 patches (10mm) + 12 patches (12mm)]



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how to use

Apply an appropriately sized patch over the desired area. Replace your spot patch once it becomes raised and cloudy (approx. 4 -8 hours).


Polyisobutylene, Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, Resin, Polybutene, Mineral Oil